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We are releasing the definitive

recording of Orchard on Neuma Records.

Support this Kickstarter to help us raise funds needed to release the Orchard album!


The Kickstarter runs June 10 through July 15 at 8:59p ET. Our goal is $6,000 - all or nothing!


Once we reach $7,500 in total funding, two rewards will be unlocked:

1) Tyler will compose a new 5-10 min. piece for solo piano that every backer will receive.

2) We will be able to do a very limited release of Orchard on vinyl!


Join us for a special, live-streamed fundraiser concert!

We'll be presenting a live-stream of 38 pieces from Orchard, performed by the pianists from the album along with brand new solo guitar and solo marimba arrangements.

Watch to hear a preview of the recordings from this forthcoming album.


Hey there!

I'm Tyler Kline, and a few years ago I wrote a bunch of solo piano music about fruit called Orchard.

What initially began as a project to fill a void in my composition portfolio (I had never written a solo piano piece), Orchard has turned into one of my most meaningful compositions. Orchard consists of 50 solo piano pieces named and designed after fruit and since the collection's inception I've been able to meet, work with, and form friendships with a bunch of pianists. 
Selections from Orchard have also been performed all over the world, and now, finally, the time has come to release the definitive recording of the collection all in one place on an album.

tyler headshot 02-05 contrast small.png

Recorded in Tampa, Florida in 2019, this album features 14 phenomenal pianists: Mijung An, Ariadne Antipa, Brandon Baltodano, Logan Barrett, Sarah Abigail del Monte, Ann DuHamel, Megasari Honggokusuma, Grace Huang, Ying Long, Eunmi Ko, Christy Sallee, E-Na Song, Jescelyn Wijaya, and Agnieszka Zick.

We are proud to be releasing this album on Neuma Records, an artist-friendly, curated label with a global reach that has been championing exploratory music since 1988. By supporting this Kickstarter, you allow us to take the final step in bringing this album to life: the funding raised through this project will cover everything from CD production, to marketing, to physical and digital distribution, and more. 

You can easily take part in this Kickstarter by pre-ordering a copy of the CD for yourself; or you can check out a number of other rewards we have, which includes everything from the sheet music of "Orchard," to a limited-edition print of the album artwork by Soo Jin Brown, or even commissioning a brand new piece from me (Tyler).

Read more about the project below, check out some video performances of the music, and if you're able to make a donation, we appreciate you helping us release this CD!


We need your support to
make this album release possible!


All recordings for this project are complete (including mastering), as well as album artwork and liner notes. The final step for us is to release the album commercially on Neuma Records: funding ensures that the physical album will be distributed worldwide, and digitally on all online platforms, plus promotion - which will all be handled by Neuma. Your pledge of support will allow us to share this music with the world.


Orchard is a collection of 50 short solo piano pieces initially conceived in 2018 as a commissioning consortium project. Ranging from 45 seconds in length and up to 3 minutes, each piece is named after a fruit and is meant to be a musical portrait of the fruit it's named after. In this sense, each piece could be seen as a “character study:” my goal was to create music that evoked the taste, texture, shape and size, and even geography (or terroir) of a fruit, or combinations of these attributes.


In 2019, 12 pianists gathered in Tampa, FL for the first performance of the entire collection of the work on a single program. While we had multiple pianists in one place for this performance we also made studio recordings of the music, and this resulted in the recordings featured on this CD.


We have commissioned Tampa-based artist  Soo Jin Brown to create the album artwork that adorns the cover of the album and accompany promotional materials.

Soo Jin is known for her timid characters and draws influence from flowers and foliage to convey shy gestures, simple postures and sprawling plant life, employing ink and gouache to create simple lines and splashes of color.

Soo Jin was commissioned to illustrate each fruit represented in Orchard and we believe this art embodies the spirit of the music perfectly.


Kickstarter Rewards

We're excited to be able to offer a variety of rewards as a thank you for your support!

Please consider pre-ordering this CD for either $10 (digital) or $25 (physical) in order to support the release of this album. Other rewards include:

  • the sheet music for Orchard.

  • limited-edition, handmade (by Tyler) Orchard-themed mugs

  • Orchard arrangements for an instrumentation of your choice.

  • limited-edition, framed Orchard album artwork print by Soo Jin Brown.

  • and more!


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