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in spite of thought and reason, we dream (2010/2021)

Duration: ca. 6’30”


Perusal score:


Program Notes
in spite of thought and reason, we dream is a snapshot of who I was as a composer when I was 19-years old. This piece was written years before I received a formal training in composition, and composed in a completely different way than the way I compose now (in 2021). That being said, this was the piece that affirmed my desire to pursue a life as a composer. I’m very thankful for my friend, trombonist Justin Croushore, who had the patience to work with me and perform this piece in 2010, and for his faith in the piece in the decade-plus since he first premiered it.

As for the title of the piece? I’m not really sure what it’s supposed to mean anymore: I guess it was just youthful romanticism.

Performance Notes
This piece was originally composed in 2010, and re-engraved in 2021 to its present state. All efforts were made to maintain the original tempo markings, dynamics, and articulations.
In 2010, I wasn’t very good at writing dynamics into my music, so performers may find liberty in the lack of instruction provided, and make their own decisions regarding musical shape throughout the piece.

Consequently, the definitive recording of this work appears on Justin Croushore’s album Stuff. This performance utilizes the original manuscript of the piece.


in spite of thought and reason, we dream (trombone + piano)

  • Download includes one .zip file, with two (2) PDFs: score and solo part, both 8.5"x11".

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