2019 Solo Clarinet Commissioning Consortium

excerpt from Kline's Stillness left from empty husks.

l i v e o a k
a new work by Tyler Kline for
solo clarinet
The period to join this consortium is now closed.
Thank you to the 48 clarinetists and supporters who took part in commissioning this piece!
Still interested in joining but missed the deadline? Please email Tyler to join and for more information.


The approximately 10 minute work will explore a spectrum of techniques, with a focus on an evolution towards and away from ordinary tone production. The use of extended techniques will be primarily to serve as an introduction to textures and style that occur throughout the contemporary repertoire, as well as specific to Kline’s musical voice. The music will also range from longtone-based textures to more technical passages. 

This piece will be titled "liveoak," and will be structured to follow the form of a tree from bottom to top. 

Live oaks are a species of evergreen oak trees that grow throughout the world, and are primarily found in the Southern parts of the United States. They are trees that live for hundreds of, and sometimes over a thousand, years and produce massive, sprawling limbs with leaves that never change color.


In this new work, parts of the tree will be conveyed musically; for example, the beginning of the piece represents the roots underground, and will occupy the lower register of the clarinet. As the piece goes on, the register expands and the texture will take on a lightness to reflect the leaves, and networks of musical lines will develop to represent the branches.


Consortium members will receive occasional updates during the composition process, and Tyler invites any feedback and commentary from consortium members as he composes the piece. Tyler will also work closely with Alex Ravitz in developing ideas and working out passages in order to ensure that the work is both idiomatic and effective. 


In addition to receiving acknowledgement as a commissioner, consortium members will maintain performance exclusivity through March 2021. Commissioners may join the consortium for $15 to receive a digital-only copy of the score (PDF), or $20 to receive a hardcopy (in addition to digital). Music will be delivered digitally by January 15, 2020. The period to join this commission will close on November 17th, 2019. 


No specific consortium member will maintain exclusivity rights to the premiere (in other words, first come, first serve). However, the lead commissioner will maintain the exclusive rights to be the first clarinetist to make the definitive recording of the piece. 


For questions or comments, please email the composer at To join, scroll down to the PayPal button on this page. You can also listen through work samples of Tyler’s at the bottom of this page, and peruse a previous work for (bass) clarinet and electronics. that Tyler wrote in 2015.

NEW! Stretch goals:

Tyler will now be creating a version of this piece specifically for bass clarinet.


Tyler will now create optional electronics that may be performed with the piece

(additional details TBD)

First Page of this new Work


Period to join the consortium: October 10, 2019 thru November 17, 2019.


Tyler will deliver the completed piece to all consortium members digitally by January 15, 2020. Hardcopies will be mailed by this date.


Consortium members will have exclusive rights to perform the work through March 2021.


The piece will be available to non-consortium members beginning March 2021.


Current Consortium Members

(updated 11/18/19)


Alexander W. Ravitz

Danielle Cox

Niles Loughlin

Sara Eastwood

Kurt Rohde

Asher Carlson

Shawn L. Copeland

Travis Bond

Alekzandria Peugh

Luke Ellard

Tony Negron

Wolcott Humphrey

Trevor Brown

Erin Cameron

Glenn Webb

Tiffany Valvo

Brian Do

Selena Ryan

Doug Holbrook

Michelle Gilfert

Iris Gracia

Jeffrey Boehmer

Kelsey Gallagher

Pedro Garcia III

Dylan Lloyd

Ford Fourqurean

Kathryn Vetter

Quang Tran

Tyler Neidermayer

Kellie Holbert

David Cook

Zach Ball

Kyle Hutchins

Sophie Press

Brooke L. Miller

Ryan Allen Schmidt

Alex Hecker

Natalie Grata

James Day II

Work Samples




bass clarinet + fixed media


ghost is born


clarinet, bassoon, and harp


selections from "Orchard"


solo piano


West of the Sun





What is a consortium?

A consortium can mostly be compared to a crowd-sourced commission. Rather than one person commissioning the composer for a piece, many people are invited to join the commission to have an active role in creating a brand new work. The composer's total commission fee that they receive is determined by the number of people who join the commission.

Am I still able to perform this piece if I don't join the commission?

Yes, but not right away. Consortium members have first dibs on performing the piece, and receive one year of performance exclusivity upon completion of the work. After this period, the sheet music for this piece will be available in my web store for general purchase. 

Can I support this consortium if I don't play clarinet? Or even if I don't plan to perform the piece?

Yes, anyone may support the work and will be acknowledged as a commissioner in the score.

May I commission this piece on behalf of an ensemble or university/college studio?

Yes! And, if you teach at a college or university, I'd love to also speak to your students about this piece and commissioning consortiums. Email me if you're interested in this.

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