Vital Dichotomies (2013)

Program Notes

Vital Dichotomies explores the contrasts of tonal consonance and dissonance via two opposing tuba/euphonium quartets, set up antiphonally on stage. After an introductory chorale, the work takes on a cacophonous aesthetic that is permeated throughout by strains of organic melodic lines. Pulsing ostinati keep momentum going forward through the various contrasts, while the use of mutes, flutter tonguing, and part inversion creates additional levels of density and tension.

The work was not only inspired by the differences we often encounter amid each other, but also the necessary perfections and imperfections within each of us that make us human.

The University of South Florida Tuba/Euphonium Ensemble, under the direction of Jay Hunsberger, premiered Vital Dichotomies November 2nd, 2013 at the USF School of Music Concert Hall.