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2021 Low Brass Commissioning Consortium

Join lead-commissioner Dr. J.D. Handshoe in commissioning a new work for low brass + piano from composer Tyler Kline!


You are invited to join a consortium of low brass performers in commissioning Tyler Kline for a brand new work for low brass and piano. The work will be playable on all four primary low brass instruments: tenor trombone, bass trombone, euphonium, and tuba.

This new work will be written in three movements and last from 12 to 15 minutes (each movement lasting approximately 4 to 6 minutes). This piece is intended to expand the standard recital low brass repertoire by offering new music that focuses on nuanced expression, texture, and gesture, rather than only technical facility. 

The versatility of the work will be explored through the use of a single solo line that takes advantage of the overlap in ranges between the four instruments. This solo line will then be augmented by optional lines that go into the upper or lower extremes of the four instruments, essentially allowing performers to “choose their own adventure” when performing the piece and offer music that is in registers most comfortable for them.

Consortium members will receive occasional updates during the composition process, and Tyler invites any feedback and commentary from consortium members as he composes the piece. Tyler will also work closely with Dr. J.D. Handshoe in developing ideas and working out passages in order to ensure that the work is both idiomatic and effective.

For questions or comments, please email the composer at tylerklinemusic@gmail.com. You can also listen through and peruse work samples of Tyler’s previous low brass music at the bottom of this page.

Additional details about consortium benefits, and instructions to join, are below.


Watch Tyler and JD discuss this consortium.


Why Become a Commissioner?

In addition to simply taking part in the creation of a new piece of music for your instrument,
joining this consortium comes with several other exclusive benefits.

Performance Exclusivity

All consortium members will retain performance exclusivity for this work through
January 1, 2023.
No one else can purchase the sheet music, or perform the work, before then.


Your name will be listed as a commissioner in all versions of the score until the end of time.

Composition Updates

As a consortium member, you will receive regular updates throughout Tyler's composition process and have opportunities to offer feedback while the piece is being composed.

Low Brass
Back Catalog

When you join as a commissioner you will receive instant access to Tyler's complete back catalog of low brass scores (PDF)*

*Includes 17 scores (parts/performance materials available by request). Does not include Loam: Concerto for Tuba and Percussion Ensemble


Current Commissioners

J.D Handshoe, lead commissioner

Brett Copeland

Cody Williams (202nd Army Band)

Jett Walker (Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music)

MU2 Jonathan M. Payne, USN

Steven A.C. Slone

Dr. Louis Setzer (Northern Kentucky University)

Michael Martinez

Dr. Joanna Ross Hersey (University of North Carolina at Pembroke)

Dr. Kyle Remnant (Bridgewater College)

Justin Croushore (Some Assembly Required)

Anthony R. Green (Castle of our Skins)

Aidan Conerly

updated August 11, 2021


Join In

Consortium members may join at one of the following tiers:

Student/Amateur/Supporter: $40

(Defined as someone currently enrolled at an institution; someone who infrequently performs music;or someone who just generally wants to support the project).

Professional: $75

(Defined as someone who professionally makes a living with music.)

All commissioners will receive a digital copy of the score (PDF) as well as a bound hard copy of the score.

Payment is processed securely through PayPal.

Click below to choose your tier and visit the product page.


Once you join...

Once you're signed up, please be sure to fill out this form.

To open the form in a new tab, click here.



DEADLINE TO JOIN EXTENDED: you can become a commissioner until the piece is completed.

Winter 2021 (around December 1): Digital delivery upon completion of the piece; hard copies shipped.

Consortium members will have performance exclusivity through July 1, 2023.

Sheet music becomes available to non-consortium members July 1 2023.


Work Samples

Explore Tyler's existing compositions for low brass, and other recent works for other instruments.



Q: What skill level/level of difficulty should I expect from this piece?

A: Tyler intends to approach this as a piece that can be performed readily by the professional and graduate-level performer, and even the ambitious undergraduate upperclassmen. The plan is to also craft one of the movements that will be easily accessible to all.

Q: I want to join as a commissioner, but I’m not sure when I can perform the piece. What should I do?

A: When you join this consortium you are automatically entitled to an exclusivity period: in this case, it’s nearly a year and a half. The idea was to provide three semesters worth of exclusivity, so if you aren’t able to perform the piece right away (Fall 2021), you can maintain exclusivity through the following academic year (until January 1, 2023). 

Q: With so many commissioners, who gets to perform the world premiere of the piece?

A: The interesting thing about the consortium model of commissioning is that everyone has a chance to premiere the work: no one maintains rights to the world premiere (though, there will undoubtedly be one) and it opens up the possibility of many national, international, and/or regional premieres. 

Q: Can I include this work on my next recording project?

A: For a commercially-released album, lead commissioner J.D. Handshoe reserves the right to the premiere recording of the work. However, you may program this piece on a live-streamed concert, or create an on-demand video performance of the work to post on your social media/YouTube. 

Q: If I apply to a conference, can I include this piece in my program?

A: Yes! Feel free to include this piece in any conference proposals, grant proposals, or any other plans

Q: I don’t play a low brass instrument but want to program this piece with a member of the ensemble/organization that I’m a part of - can I join?

A: Yes! If you run a performing arts organization or are part of an institution/ensemble, you may join this consortium and receive all the benefits even if you program the piece with someone else playing.

Q: I don’t play a low brass instrument and don’t know any low brass musicians, but I’d like to join as a commissioner simply to support the project. Can I do that?

A: Yes! There is a tier you can join specific to folks who just want to support ($40).


About Dr. J.D. Handshoe

Dr. J.D. Handshoe currently serves as Assistant Professor of Trombone at Kennesaw State University, as well as Artist Affiliate in Low Brass at Berry College.

As a performer, J.D. has had the pleasure of working with the Cave Run Symphony Orchestra, the Victory Brass, Saxton’s Cornet Band, the Lexington Theatre Company, the Lexington Singers Orchestra, the Kentucky Jazz Repertory Orchestra, the Dimartino – Osland Jazz Orchestra, the Owensboro Symphony Orchestra 2nd Street Jazz Band, the Lexington Brass Band, the University of Kentucky Faculty Brass Quintet, the Atlanta Festival Brass, and the Emmy Award-winning “It’s A Grand Night for Singing!” orchestra. J.D. is also a founding member of the Auxilium Trombone Trio, an ensemble solely dedicated to commissioning and performing works for the often-overlooked chamber ensemble consisting of the orchestral trombone trio. 

As an educator, J.D. has taught tuba, euphonium, tenor and bass Trombone at Berry College, Dalton State College, Georgia Highlands College, Morehead State University, and the University of Kentucky.J.D. has been involved in several recording projects as both a performer and recording engineer/producer, including performing on Justin Croushore’s debut album Stuff, and With Sword and Crown released with the University of Kentucky Trombone Choir on New Branch Records, and acting as producer and recording engineer on Bradley Kerns’ 2018 album Splotch Ecology.

J.D. received a Bachelor of Music Education degree and a Master of Music degree from Morehead State University and a Doctor of Musical Arts degree in Trombone Performance from the University of Kentucky. His primary instructors include Stacy Baker on tuba and euphonium, and Bradley Kerns, Nathan Dishman, William Mann, and Jeanie Lee on trombone.

J.D. is an Edwards performing artist, and performs on an Edwards B502-I bass trombone.