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2021 Low Brass Commissioning Consortium

Join lead-commissioner Dr. J.D. Handshoe in commissioning a new work for low brass + piano from composer Tyler Kline!


You are invited to join a consortium of low brass performers in commissioning Tyler Kline for a brand new work for low brass and piano. The work will be playable on all four primary low brass instruments: tenor trombone, bass trombone, euphonium, and tuba.

This new work will be written in three movements and last from 12 to 15 minutes (each movement lasting approximately 4 to 6 minutes). This piece is intended to expand the standard recital low brass repertoire by offering new music that focuses on nuanced expression, texture, and gesture, rather than only technical facility. 

The versatility of the work will be explored through the use of a single solo line that takes advantage of the overlap in ranges between the four instruments. This solo line will then be augmented by optional lines that go into the upper or lower extremes of the four instruments, essentially allowing performers to “choose their own adventure” when performing the piece and offer music that is in registers most comfortable for them.

Consortium members will receive occasional updates during the composition process, and Tyler invites any feedback and commentary from consortium members as he composes the piece. Tyler will also work closely with Dr. J.D. Handshoe in developing ideas and working out passages in order to ensure that the work is both idiomatic and effective.

For questions or comments, please email the composer at You can also listen through and peruse work samples of Tyler’s previous low brass music at the bottom of this page.

Additional details about consortium benefits, and instructions to join, are below.

Watch Tyler and JD discuss this consortium.

Why Become a Commissioner?

In addition to simply taking part in the creation of a new piece of music for your instrument,
joining this consortium comes with several other exclusive benefits.

Performance Exclusivity

All consortium members will retain performance exclusivity for this work through
January 1, 2023.
No one else can purchase the sheet music, or perform the work, before then.