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Basic Research 1

for euphonium (or tuba) + fixed electronics

Commissioned by and dedicated to Jake East.

Duration: ca. 8'00"

Premiere: April 25, 2014 | Tampa, FL | Tyler Kline, euphonium

Basic Research 1 is a work for euphonium and stereo playback composed in the spring of 2014. The primary focus of this work is to utilize electronic soundscapes in a way that blends and contrasts with the euphonium tone. Throughout the work, this is accomplished by creating moments where the electronics “bloom” out from the euphonium, as well as performs in counterpoint and call and response with the live performer. Likewise, the euphonium imitates the electronics by way of tone-color trills, flutter tonguing, and growls to create a sense of unity between the acoustic and electronic.

Motivic material often unfurls from a single, unison note between the euphonium and electronic part. Textures and periodicities change frequently over the course of the piece, with little or no transition. This is done with the intention of putting the performer into an environment that results in music that is loosely attached to a compositional framework, and sounds more improvisational than composed.

Electronics were composed in Logic Pro X, utilizing a variety of software synthesizers and processed recorded sounds. The title, Basic Research 1, comes from German artist Isa Genzken’s series of oil paintings of the same name.

Listen | Perusal Score

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