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Basic Research 2

for vibraphone + voice (1 player)

Commissioned by Kevin von Kampen

Duration: ca. 9'00"

Premiere: February 18, 2015 | Tampa, FL | Kevin von Kampen (vibraphone + voice)

Program Notes

Basic Research 2 is a work for soloist performing vibraphone, spoken word, and singing, composed in 2014. The work draws on concepts and text from the Dadaist anti-art movement, which took place from 1916 – 1923. Much of the work is theatrical and requires the performer to speak and sing in English, French, and German. Linearly, the text is meant to be absurd, and throughout the work, the performer is required to carry out nearly ridiculous musical tasks.

Basic Research 2 is the second piece in a series of works initially inspired by a series of oil paintings by German artist Isa Genzken of the same name.

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