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basil eyes (2020)

Duration: ca. 6'00"


Perusal score:


Commissioned by and dedicated to Eunmi Ko.






Program Notes
Originally composed as a work for one performer to play on melodica and piano, basil eyes is a short piece inspired by a small, sweet animal with pale green eyes. The primary musical idea is a blending between the two instruments - in this case, violin and piano - where the violin sound blossoms out of the decaying piano resonance.

basil eyes was commissioned by Eunmi Ko to perform alone in her home as part of a program of new pieces written for her during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Performance Notes
Tempo markings listed in this piece are relative and should be treated approximately; generally, the piece is very rubato. Gestures in this work are more important that precise rhythmic performance. (In other words, it’s okay if things don’t line up.)

basil eyes (violin + piano)

  • Download includes .zip with score + solo violin part (8.5"x11")

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