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cello music (2014)

Duration: ~7 min


Perusal score:


Commissioned by and dedicated to Maria Hadge 


Program Notes:

Composed during the summer of 2014, cello music is a work that explores the various timbres the solo cello can create through various methods of bowing, harmonics, and articulation. The work was developed closely with cellist Maria Hadge, and much of the material was born out of testing various ways of creating sounds on the instrument. For much of the piece, cello music is also a test of endurance, requiring the cellist to perform non-stop sixteenth notes throughout.

Work on cello music began during the Atlantic Music Festival in Waterville, Maine, and was completed in Tampa, Florida. My attendance at the Atlantic Music Festival was made possible through a grant provided by the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts and Toyota Motor Manufacturing Alumni Fund.

cello music

  • PDF download of solo cello part (11x17 layout)

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