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Collapsing Geography

Duration: ~11 min


Perusal score:






Program Notes

Collapsing Geography is a work in three movements for oboe and marimba, commissioned by oboist Ursula Sahagian. The title refers to the overall arc and texture of the piece on macro and micro levels. For example, the piece seems to “collapse” over the course of the three movements, moving from a rigid texture in the first movement to a more free and rubato texture by the third movement. Similar processes also occur within each movement.


This work is a continuation of my own reflection on the concepts of Wabi-Sabi, the Japanese worldview centered on the acceptance of imperfection and transience, and an underlying current in my body of work. This is conveyed in this work, in particular, with the use of extended techniques, as well as the harmonic and rhythmic language. Musical textures throughout also intend to invoke natural sounds, such as rainfall and leaves rustling.

Collapsing Geography (oboe + marimba)

  • Downloaded .zip file includes 1 PDF score and 2 PDF parts (all files 8.5"x11" format).

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