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five pieces from “Orchard” (2018)

Tyler Kline


Duration: ca. 8’30”



I. yuzu

II. mangosteen

III. cloudberry

IV. watermelon

V. blood orange


Program Notes

Each of these five pieces were originally composed as part of a larger collection of 50 solo piano works, collectively titled “Orchard.” Each piece in Orchard is named for and inspired by a botanical fruit.


I. yuzu was the very first piece composed for Orchard. The music is made up almost entirely of four pitches spread across four octaves; halfway through the piece, a single dissonant note is introduced. The music is meant to represent the bright, yet sour, nature of yuzu fruit.


II. Commissioned by Zixiang Wang, mangosteen’s musical texture is inspired by the shape of the fruit itself: mangosteen have a bulbous, purple outside and a tangy-sweet flesh. The fruit is highly perishable which is represented in the piece by each musical layer slowing down and becoming quiet over the course of each phrase.


III. cloudberry was commissioned by Ann DuHamel as part of a set of pieces about fruits native to Minnesota. The musical texture overall is cloud-like, meant to be generally blurry, an