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Ghost is born (2017)

Duration: ~5'30"


Perusal score:



clarinet in Bb




Program Notes:

The primary overarching concept of ghost is born is the idea of something that is not real emerging from what is real. This is represented musically by the sound in between the actual music happening: sound that is perceived, but not necessarily intended.


A major example of this is the “spectral rumble” at the beginning as heard in the harp. The low tones in the harp are meant to clash together in dissonance, resulting in resultant pitches that are much higher in frequency than the notes being performed. This concept also appears throughout the piece, as in the woodwind keyclicks and tone-color trills.

ghost is born (clarinet + bassoon + harp)

  • Download includes 1 PDF score (8.5"x14" - legal size) and 3 parts, PDF (8.5"x11").

  • All music in my webstore is free of charge, but you are free to name your own price.

    The suggested price for this piece is $20.

    You can download for free, or pay what you want via Paypal at

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