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for trombone (tenor or bass) + fixed media playback

Commissioned by the 2015 Trombone Commissioning Consortium

JD Handshoe, lead commissioner

Duration: ca. 9'00"

Premiere: December 12, 2015 | Lexington, KY | JD Handshoe (bass trombone)

Program Notes

The word “render” has a variety of meanings: to provide, to become (or cause to be), or, as a noun, the first coat of plaster applied to a brick or stone surface. render draws on these multiple meanings indirectly and could represent any or all of them. The overall development of the work invokes the act of becoming,  slowly transforming from a more drawn-out beginning to a pointed, rhythmic middle section - and back to ethereal.

Throughout the work, electronics provide accompaniment and counterpoint to, and, at times, augment the solo performer. Sounds in the electronics consist of both software synthesizers and processed trombone samples and are intended to provide a rough-hewn contrast to the live trombone. render was commissioned by a consortium of trombonists and other supporters; John Handshoe, lead commissioner.

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