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Solo Piano Project

A new collection of miniatures
composed for solo piano.

An orchard is a piece of land planted with fruit trees, and the central programmatic idea behind this work will be botanical fruit. Each piece will share the name of a fruit, such as blood orange, peach, fig, loquat, avocado, mangosteen, tamarind and many more. Like fruits, the pieces included in this collection will be brief, have a specific identity/flavor (mainly via texture or harmonic language), and may be recontextualized based on how pieces are grouped and programmed together.

Due to the nature of this work, performance of pieces may be done in any order or combination; pianists may perform just one piece, multiple pieces, or every piece, depending on the needs of their own programming situation.

Pieces in this new collection will feature a range of techniques, ranging from traditional piano technique to an exploration of extended sounds, and mixtures of these two ideas. Pianists may request or recommend what they would like featured in their dedicated piece. 


to the 27 pianists and supporters who have helped create this new collection of solo piano music.